Our School is aimed at the development of talent in the fashion and beauty sphere. We value that our faculty helps students to accomplish their tasks and reach their goals. Regularly, we receive feedback from grateful students, who have successfully completed the course and changed their life for the better. Thanks to your feedback about School of Style, we strive to become better every day.
January 26, 2017

Tatyana Lyu (China)
Good day! I want to share my impressions about the Image-makers and Stylist course in School of Style. I have completed the first module and can assure that the week passed so quickly. Despite the fact that we studied until the very evening, time flew by.

There were a lot of practical tasks, we closely examined stylistic cases on particular persons, with the help of bright visuals. There was an atmosphere of creativity in the classroom. I, as well as other students were inspired and involved in the process of learning. We held a lot of discussions, analyzed and argued. It was exciting and fun, I felt myself at ease. I found out many interesting facts about myself. Now I try to put acquired knowledge and skills into practice working on the image of my friends and relatives.

Thanks a lot.
August 28, 2016

Yulia Assadulina
I liked studying at School of Style very much. It was interesting. Faculty are the real masters of their craft. The Module system of learning is conveniently arranged. I would like to continue to improve my level of knowledge and skills at this school attending various work-shops and complementary courses. Thank you very much!!!
August 28, 2016

Vera Renyova
I like the module structure. Also, I enjoy that there is an opportunity to learn about the art of different historical periods. Everything is very precise and interesting!!! Thanks a lot to our instructors!
December 14, 2015

Gruzinova, Ekaterina
Before choosing a school of style, I scrupulously studied the whole market. I was primarily interested in the fundamental principles of image and style, and not just in a pleasant pastime.

I wanted to get specific insider knowledge that can not be learned from books or the Internet. I was convinced of choosing this place after watching video fragments of workshops that had been laid out on the Natalia Turkenich school site. Seriousness is the main thing for me.

My feelings were not deceived. On the contrary, there was so much information that I did not have time for "digesting" it. All surrounding things began to open now on the other side and look in a new light. Not only clothes, but also interiors, buildings, films and the whole design.

The way material was presented by almost all teachers deserves more than the highest estimate. Despite some teachers lacked vast experience, it was compensated by their enthusiasm and desire to pass knowledge to students.

What could be added to the program, in my opinion:
• more practice in the store and with real people,
• more homework
• an optional training on style definition
December 07, 2015

Galsana Bazileva
When I started the course with purely practical solutions for my wardrobe and style, I realized how interesting and profound can knowledge be in this field. How interesting it is to find out more not only about yourself but to learn about others, to immerse yourself in the world of modern fashion.

I saw a solid team of professionals passionate about style, led by Natalia Turkenich. I passed the course, it was well structured, with attention to every detail, adjusted over many years of practice. The order in which material was presented and the content gave the most complete overview on the topics and contributed to better comprehension. Concise and dynamic learning process led to a natural result, there was a great desire in understanding everything in order to have a good grasp of styles, colors, figure types, fabrics and preventing errors when shopping. And, of course, finding your own style.

After the three modules I will never be the same in terms of view on fashion, styles, clothes, shopping – on all of this things I am going to look with new eyes. My study-group was very friendly, girls were enthusiastic. I really hope that we will continue to keep in touch and continue to study on the following modules, to attend workshops and trainings.
December 07, 2015

Nikolaeva, Natalia
I liked the course. The information is well structured. I got tons of new interesting knowledge. However, now I look at people through another prism, I see a lot of strange features in them, and ask myself how to live with it?))) In general, the course will be useful not only for those wishing to change the field of activity, but also for everyone who simply wants to learn how to deal with their own style and shop with a fresh vision of themselves! Thank you.
December 07, 2015

Degtiar, Oksana
School of Style founded by Natalia Turkenich is highlighted by a deep artistic approach to training stylists. This is a core feature for people who do not want to work using schemes and make a flat selection of clothes only judging by colour combinations.

Everything is important: both facial features, and colours, and character! You can choose clothes that are fashionable and expensive, but the person will not look harmonious in them. For me it was a revelation. I highly recommend this school!
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