We are convinced that a real pro must have expertize not only in his professional field but also in the related spheres. For this reason, we prepare image-makers and stylists who not only possess knowledge within their job but also who
are broad-minded and versatile.
We believe that ready-made direct schemes and inflexible solutions cannot be and should not be offered to the client. We prepare our students for serious work and interesting tasks where a standard set of skills and knowledge does not function.
We teach to understand art, to comprehend it, as it plays an important role in our profession, it expands one's mind.
We teach to understand the patterns in creating one's image, to see the entire picture and not work on the standard scheme.

We suggest to look into a man's face more attentively, examine it. The psychotype of a man (so frequently studied in many schools) can vary over time, and those looks and clothes that you suggested to the client before, may not work for him anymore. Nevertheless, the face, with its unique facial features and emotions will remain.

We teach you to feel the person. To see what image is hidden in him. This may be reference to any period in history or art or even a fairy-tale image – you never know beforehand how exactly a person can turn out. What is important, your task, as a stylist, is to be able to see this perspective of change.
Natalia Turkenich, Founder of the School of Style and Image Consulting Agency "Turkenich Style"
School of Style was founded in 2005 and is part of the Turkenich Style Agency. Until 2010 the School was known under the name of "Style Guide" or "Gid po stilyu".
Advantages of our approach
The benchmark is "the face". Results may even conflict with the theory of color-types - but it's worth it, you will see for yourself!
The client receives a solution with more detailed elaboration, maximally harmonious with his appearance. The stylist, in its turn, has a great opportunity to develop and exercise the skills as he is not limited to the standard scheme.
Stylist does not depend on expensive consumable materials; there is simply no need for them.
The disadvantage is
We give a lot of knowledge both theoretical and practical, and therefore training process is not fast and easy. If you are looking for express training, School of Style is wrong address.
Standard approach and the set of readymade solutions, offered by numerous schools, indeed, will help you rapidly learn the principles of the profession. It should be noted, however, among your potential clients will be those for whom these principles is enough. Serious clients, ready to invest in their image and develop a long-term relationship with a stylist want an individual approach and creative solutions. And that is exactly what we teach. The learning process at our School of Style takes more time – we prepare students for serious, professional work.
Who we want to see among our students
The learning process at our School is not easy but interesting and exciting. Among our students we want to see people with deep feelings, keen vision, creative mind, persistent and patient character. Our students can make mistakes, get upset, become confused, ask the same questions again and again. What is important, they do not give up, they continue to move forward. We invest in each student and do not divide them into "promising" and "unpromising". We also appreciate the common respect and tolerance for people. So, if you see yourself as the shining star already after the first couple of lessons and already "know better", or immediately want everything to become simple, easy and understandable – it may be better for you to choose another school.
Over these years, we have trained more than 650 stylists, many of them are successful and popular today, and work on large Russian and international projects.
On the main Image-maker and Stylist Certificate Course we prepare annually about 50 graduates – professional stylists. This figure may be lower, compared to some other schools, because we work not with the quantity of students but with the quality of education. The depth with which we study the subject in our program implies the possibility of individual work with each person. This is impossible to achieve if you have hundreds of students.

Our School is one of the strongest in Russia, we often have students already graduated from other Schools, eager to get additional knowledge from our faculty.

Among our graduates are present founders and lectors of other successful schools of image and style, for instance, Blanche Noir (Saint Petersburg), Art in Style (Moscow), MITRO (Moscow), Tehnologia Stilya (Rostov-on-don), Poema (Samara).

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